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Mobile PC Repair is founded on the belief that everyone in this day and age needs a computer... and it would be nice if that computer worked. Knowing how to use it wouldn't hurt, either. Thus, Mobile PC Repair was created to bring computer help to the people. Directly to the people. We will come out to your home or business, on your schedule, and repair, configure, build, upgrade, debug, or even create your PC. If that's not enough, we can show you how to use it to do almost anything your heart desires. At Mobile PC Repair, we help your computer work for you.

Mobile PC Repair is a division of Life Science Services International (LSSI,) which was founded and incorporated in Ohio in 1992. LSSI has been involved with Information Technology since its inception, so an outgrowth into the service and repair of PCs and training of PC users was very natural. We have been supporting client PCs and working with technology for years, and have finally decided to "bring it to the masses." We drive so you don't have to.

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